AFE Chapter 85 Pioneer Valley

When most people think of Massachusetts they immediately think of the massive city of Boston with its rich history and packed highways, but if you travel about an hour and half west you will find yourself in a very different landscape—one with quiet little towns nestled in mountain ranges, acres and acres of farmland and some of the best leaf peeping in New England! 

While we boast about being the birthplace of basketball, there are some other interesting facts about our little corner of the State that could be very interesting to Facility Engineers. Not only do we have 22 Universities with over 100,000 students but we also manufacture firearms, chemicals and resins, hand tools and saw blades, specialty papers, weapon control systems for defense applications, power transmission and motion control products, plastic products, electrical wire, medical devices, rail cars (for Boston), golf balls, toys and even games. We are also home to one of the largest life and health insurer’s in the country and TEN hospitals. 

Having all of these facilities in our reach has allowed Chapter 85 to become as successful as it is today. Our Chapter members come from a large cross section of companies that serve these facilities. Not only do we have representatives from the manufacturers listed above but we also have members from the engineering firms, mechanical and electrical contractors, equipment suppliers and utilities that serve them.

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